Do you already have an online course? We can work together to systematically review your course’s learning objectives, activities, materials, assessments, accessibility, learner support, and overall alignment.

A well-designed course can remove obstacles to student learning which enhances student success and a course review can ensure the best possible quality.

Methods and Types of Evaluations:

“Informal Review” – Sometimes a second set of eyes with a rubric is all that is needed to polish and double check a course for quality. Having someone who has completed formal reviews can help since they can usually spot areas of improvement quickly.

“Formal Review” – A formal review is a more detailed and systematic review of an online course by an expert in online education and typically uses a rubric and ends with a formal report with suggestions for improvement.

“Formative Evaluation” – A pilot study or focus group is often the most effective method for a formative evaluation of a course. Actual students, or a group who can approximate the student mindset, move through the course and actually complete the activities and are then either surveyed or interviewed for their feedback.

“Peer Review” – A peer review is usually done after the course has been through at least a pilot study, after the primary instructor/designer has gone through, and after a few students have gone through the course. The peer review should include about three reviewers who will systematically review the course using rubrics similar to the formal review. While the reviewers do not need to be experts in the content of the course it is helpful if at least one is.

“Summative Evaluation” – There are many ways to handle a summative evaluation. Forenoon can evaluate the success and satisfaction of the students who have completed the course. Did the students learn what they were supposed to learn? Are the students able to apply that knowledge/skills? Ultimately the final determination of a course’s success is the success of the students who complete the course.