Professional Development

Past Workshops:

iOS video Production

  • An introductory workshop on recording and editing video using iMovie for the iPad

Professional research introduction

  • An introductory workshop on finding relevant peer-reviewed journals on ERIC and EBSCO Host.

Zotero Introduction

  • An introductory workshop on the setup and basic use of the Zotero citation manager.

Intermediate Zotero for professional research

  • An intermediate workshop on the synchronization, sharing, and other advanced Zotero features.


  • An introductory workshop on how teachers can use Evernote to organize their planning and notes.

Web 2.0 Tools

  • An exploratory workshop outlining and describing web 2.0 tools as they fit within the context of Bloom’s taxonomy.

Google Docs

  • An introduction to Google Docs as a collaborative writing and presentation tool including how to use it to foster collaboration between teachers, between students, and between students and teachers.

Setting up your classroom blog

  • An introductory workshop on how to setup a blog for teachers.

Developing a Professional Learning Network via Social Media

  • An introduction to social media for teachers outlining the ways Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook groups, and LinkedIN can be used to develop a personalized professional learning network.

Flipping your class with Edmodo

  • An introductory workshop on how to set up Edmodo for individual classes and use it to disseminate instructional media, assignments, and foster asynchronous discussions.

Screencasting options

  • An introductory workshop on screencasting that introduced teachers to the basic techniques and to Jing, Camtasia, and Screencast-O-Matic.

APA citations

  • A refresher workshop on APA citation with special attention to citing images and other media.

Modeling copyright compliance

  • A workshop covering copyright, fair use, and options for instructional media and student/teacher presentations.

Creative Commons in the classroom

  • A workshop introducing creative commons, sharing how it can be used in instructional media and student/teacher presentations, and an introduction to the common creative commons media search engines.

Lights, iPad, Action

  • A workshop that covers pre-production including Apps for scripting and storyboarding, tips on filming including how to use a green screen, and post-production covering how to edit and share your videos.

Introduction to Using the iPad in the Classroom

A workshop focused on those who have no experience using iPads, or for teachers who have a personal device but have never used the technology in the classroom.

Creating and using eBooks

  • This workshop will help you learn how to read, share, and create eBooks on the iPad.

Using iWork

  • This workshop is designed to show teachers how to use their existing resources using Apple’s equivalent software to access existing files, and how these productivity Apps provide an alternative for staff and students to create individual work.

iPads in the Language Classroom

  • This workshop will explore the practical ideas on how iPads can facilitate collaboration and foster creativity in the Foreign Language classroom.

Using iPads in PE

  • A large part of this workshop are the ways video can be used when teaching PE including movement analysis, assessing student performance, explaining concepts, and highlighting key points in a practical session.

The iPad in the Social Studies Department

  • This workshop will demonstrate how the use of iPads can support you in the classroom.

iPads in the Art Department

  • This workshop is an exploration of ideas to support the art classroom.

iPads in the Music Department

  • This online workshop explores the ways the iPad can be deployed to simplify daily tasks, extend creative opportunities, and to enhance the learning experience for students.

iPads in the Science Classroom

  • This workshop shares how the iPads can be used to enhance the teaching and learning in the science classroom.